26th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE26)

9th Asia Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium (APCRE9)

6-9 December 2020, New Delhi
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"ISCRE 26 / APCRE 9 in times of COVID-19":
ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 postponed to December 2021
  • Dear Friends of ISCRE 26 / APCRE 9:

    Thank you for your continued interest in ISCRE 26 / APCRE 9. Thank you for a truly overwhelming response to the Call for Abstracts. The abstracts have been reviewed and the decisions on the abstract acceptance will be released in next few days.

    Like you, we were all looking forward to having a technically interesting, thought-provoking, and enjoyable conference this winter, in December 2020 in New Delhi.

    While our resolve to continue with our regular activities stays as such, in the past few months the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on all human activities across the world. This once-in-a-century event has affected every aspect of our lives. Naturally, it also has had repercussions on the organization of ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9. In consultation with the International Scientific Committee as well as the National Organizing Committee, it has been decided to postpone ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 to better times, to December 2021.

    ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 meeting is now planned tentatively for December 5-8, 2021, at the same venue.

    Considering the postponement, a second call for abstracts will be issued in January 2021. This second call will also provide an opportunity to update your abstract, for those whose abstracts have been already accepted in the first call. For those whose abstracts could not be accepted in the first round, we will initiate an invitation to update the abstracts for fresh consideration. Finally, new abstracts will also be invited. For those whose abstracts are accepted for oral or poster presentation in the first (current) call, the invitations to submit manuscripts to the ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 special issues of AIChE Journal and Reaction Chemistry & Engineering will be sent separately. In view of the postponement of ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9, as well as the closure of several universities and research laboratories across the globe, the dates for submitting manuscripts to the special issues of AIChE Journal and Reaction Chemistry & Engineering will be extended. The new dates will be announced after consultations with the respective journals.

    As the world deals with the Coronavirus, colleagues in the reaction engineering community also have a steadfast resolve to overcome this challenge as well and come out to "life-as-usual" on the other side. Let us hope December 2021 will translate this to an "ISCRE-as-usual" when we all get together and celebrate our latest findings in reaction engineering.

    We regret the delay in announcing the decisions on the abstracts. However, it involved reworking of almost entire logistics on the reorganization of ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 in the unprecedented and challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic. We request for your understanding and patience.

    Stay safe, and stay connected to this site for more updates!

    Vivek Ranade, Shantanu Roy, and Vivek Buwa

  • Welcome to ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9!

    Symposia in Chemical Reaction Engineering initially started as ESCRE in 1957 (Amsterdam), later as ISCRE, are now held biennially, in cycles of six years i.e. once in North American, European and Asia-Pacific regions each. The ISCRE 24 was hosted in Minneapolis (USA) in June 2016. ISCRE 25 is being hosted in Florence (Italy) in May 2018. The ISCRE 26 will be hosted for the first time in India at New Delhi during 06-09 December 2020 along with the 9th Asia Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Conference (APCRE 9).

    India has several research laboratories & institutes, more than hundred thousand chemical manufacturers, and a large reaction engineering community. The chemical industry in India contributes more than 7% of India's GDP, more than 20% of industrial production and nearly 15% of total exports of the manufacturing sector. It is the second largest chemicals producer in Asia in terms of volumes, and is expected to grow much faster than the GDP growth. India makes significant contributions to chemistry and chemical engineering research through her several excellent research centers (CSIR: National Chemical Laboratory, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology; IITs at Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Chennai, Kharagpur and 15 other locations, Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Chemical Technology, IISERs, NITs and other major universities in India). This ISCRE 26 and APCRE 9 conference offers excellent opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of this exciting landscape.

    ISCRE 26 and APCRE 9 will be hosted in New Delhi, the national capital of India. The venue will be in a hotel located in south Delhi, not far from the international airport, IIT Delhi and the city center. The National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi is home to IIT Delhi, several CSIR laboratories, and corporate and multinational R&D centers. New Delhi has excellent flight connections to most major cities in the world. The weather in the month of December is moderately cold and its peak tourist season in Delhi, which is October to December (the period in which ISCRE is being planned). The historical city of Delhi has several historical monuments, world heritage sites, museums and parks, and attracts millions of visitors from different parts of the world every year. It offers lots of opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and experiencing Indian culture. It is a part of the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra tourism track and is a gateway to several world-famous tourist destinations in North India (including the Taj Mahal), and in Himalayan regions. It offers a wide range accommodation possibilities: from budget hotels to 5-star luxurious hotels.

    The ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9 will be hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering of IIT Delhi, and it will be organized by the National Organic Committee (NOC) comprised of experts from academia and industry working on different aspects of chemical reaction engineering, from fundamentals to applications.

    Selected contributions, following AIChE Journal's standard manuscript submission and peer review process, will be published in the ISCRE 26 Special issue of AIChE Journal.

    We look forward to your participation in ISCRE 26 & APCRE 9!

© Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi

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